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There are so many different types of travel ranging from sightseeing to expeditions. Many travelers enjoy sightseeing where they may visit famous historical sites and landmarks.

Others enjoy learning from different cultures. These trips often include hands-on-experience activities such as learning to make or cook a dish, dressing up in another culture’s clothing, visiting markets, or experiencing a homestay with a family.

And there are travelers who enjoy being outdoors, doing nature walks, and/or participating in adventurous types of activities to experiment with themselves. Some outdoor adventure activities include camping outdoors, bungee jumping, kayaking, whitewater rafting, rock climbing, camel or horseback riding, or days-long safaris, yachting, and trekking expeditions.

Many travelers are looking into Eco-types of trips where carbon footprints are measured and environment sustainability is practiced. These trips may include travel by cycling, horseback riding, or even on foot. And staying in lodges with modest functions such as relying on solar energy or restricting electricity to specific areas of the lodge, plastic-free property, and serving food with produce grown from local farmers. Eco-style trips are a new trend and the service area is growing rapidly.

Deaf World Adventures’ tours may include two or more of these activities on an itinerary. Other tours maybe are the entire activity of the tour such as our popular safaris in Kenya, homestay in Mongolia, and Deaf women trekking expeditions.

Though knowing your travel preference is key to a happy journey. We at Deaf World Adventures are here to help you find your preferences. Check the different styles listed below or contact us for profiling your travel interest.

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