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We want to share our pride. D-travel Agency has made appearances in public news in the past year and has received an award from Montrose Travel, the host agency for five successful years of services.

Meet Peggy Serving the Deaf and Hard of Hearing 

by Judy Jacobs / February 13, 2015 

Peggy Prosser founded D-travel to deal with a very special type of clientele. Her clients are primarily deaf and hard of hearing.

And that’s Deaf with a capital “D”. For hearing people, not in the know, that means people who embrace a culture of Deafness, with its own unique language – sign language.

The road to becoming a travel agent for Prosser, who is herself Deaf, was a serendipitous one.  

Agents Lead Efforts to Make Travel More Accessible

by Judy Jacobs / May 12, 2015

The deaf has different challenges, according to Peggy Prosser of D-Travel in Rochester, N.Y.

“When it comes to wheelchair users the tourism sectors can easily add ramps, and for blind people, they add Braille or give audio devices at famous landmarks,” Prosser said.

But she laments the fact that there are usually no sign language interpreters available for deaf travelers. “It seems to me that because of the unavailability of services for deaf travelers, we are either forgotten or ignored.”

Deaf community hopes 2020 Olympics a ‘game-changer’ for better social inclusion  

by Noriyuki Suzuki / November 4, 2015

Foreigners like Prosser see a need for the tourism industry to cater more to the deaf population, as the 2020 games will likely encourage Japan to improve social infrastructure in the coming years.

“I want the tourism sector to invest in tour programs for deaf people in the same way they add ramps for wheelchair users and audio guides for blind people,” Prosser said.

Five years of successful services award

D-travel Agency Award

In 2016 D-travel Agency with Peggy Prosser and Robin Ching received an award from the host agency, Montrose Travel for the five years of successful services with them. 

Montrose Travel was D-travel Agency’s mentor when Peggy started the business in 2011.

Peggy says that she still seeks advice from Montrose Travel when there is a difficult business situation or an unusual travel request.