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Peggy Prosser, a Deaf woman traveler founded D-travel Agency in 2011. She created the name D-travel with the big letter “D” to show that travel services are geared to the Deaf community. Everyone in the office uses sign language. D-travel Agency specializes in small-group travel including small-party cruises. D-travel Agency is registered in Rochester, New York.

In 2014 Robin Ching with a background in hospitality joined the agency. Peggy and Robin are co-owners of D-travel Agency. D-travel Agency uses AI systems to run the business and is working to expand its team with experienced conductors.

D-travel Agency is a member of a large travel consortium with a worldwide network of suppliers to the travel, hospitality, and leisure sectors. We work with airlines, cruise lines, hotels (and other types of accommodation services), intra-travel services, restaurateurs, attractions, tour companies, and experienced suppliers (tour guides and experts).

In 2019 D-travel Agency decided to add Deaf World Adventures (DWA) to offer Deaf tours to their travelers. And includes Deaf-owned businesses and services on their itineraries. D-travel continues to search for Deaf people who can guide our groups or provide some interesting activity.

D-travel is working to expand staff who know how to create itineraries and conduct tours in different regions. Meri Hirose, from Tokyo, Japan will conduct all of Japan tours. D-travel Agency will expand different types of tours for Japan.

If you are an experienced traveler and would like to continue to travel the world, inquire us how you can become a tour conductor with us.

To learn about who else D-travel Agency works with, go to the affiliate and partners page.

D-travel Agency & Deaf World Adventures Team

Peggy Prosser

D-travel Agency Director & Deaf World Adventures Tour Conductor

Robin Ching

D-travel Agency Business Manager & Deaf World Adventures Tour Conductor

Meri Hirose

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