D-travel Agency adds a new name Deaf World Adventures

Deaf World Adventures by D-travel Agency

In recent years, we found that there are other travel agencies with the same name “D-travel” and it gradually started to cause some trouble particularly when we promote our tours. And so we decided to change some things at our agency a bit. We added a new branch for our D-travel Agency’s tours. And our new addition is “Deaf World Adventures”. This new branch and this website center around the group tours that we host. We are really excited about this new addition.

And so in past weeks during the Coronavirus, we continue to work at our desktops adjusting our 2020 tours to 2021 and 2022. And meanwhile, we took the time to study web design and have been working on our new website. And also we have been attending different seminars about travel and touring during the coronavirus pandemic. As soon as we finish our website, we will share information about safe travel during the pandemic.

For the most, we look to create exciting and adventurous tours with you and begin traveling again. And sign up for our D-travel Agency News.

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